24V 300AH Lithium Ion Battery


24V 300AH Lithium Ion Battery features the latest and most advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate – LiFePO4 Battery Technology.

  • Module 24V 300Ah
  • Superior energy density
  • Integrated battery management system
  • Scalable system design due to 25.2 V modules
  • High safety standard
  • Plug and Play installation


Our new 24V 300Ah lithium ion solar battery not only powers home battery system, but also provides battery storage for light commercial and industrial solar systems.Lithium battery have many advantages in energy storage, so they are now widely used in the energy storage industry. Compared with lead-acid battery, they have the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high charging and discharging efficiency.

This 24v 300ah battery is installed by high quality LiFePO4 cell 3.2v 100ah 8S3P with high precision BMS protection system. The battery was used the scientific internal structure design, advanced battery production technology, with high specific energy and long life, safe and reliable, wide operating temperature range and other characteristics, it is a green power supply equipment.

All in one mould design and production, easy to install. With longer span life LiFePO4 battery, over 10 years lifespan, ensure the whole set products’life span. Dust proof structure design, DC output, safe and reliable. Integrated packaging, safe and convenient to transport.

24v 300ah lithium battery specification:

MODEL B-24300
Nominal voltage 25.6V
Nominal Capacity 300Ah
Nominal energy 7680Wh
Life Cycles 4000+ (80% DoD for effectively lower total of ownership cost)
Recommended Charge Voltage 29.2V
Recommended Charge Current 20.0A
End of discharge voltage 20.0V
Standard method Charge 40.0A
Discharge 100.0A
Maximum continuous current Charge 100.0A/ 200.0A
Discharge 100.0A/ 200.0A
BMS Cut-Off Voltage Charge <31.2 V (3.9V/Cell)
Discharge >16.0 V (2s) (2.0V/Cell)
Temperature Charge -4 ~ 113 ℉ (0 ~ 45℃ )
Discharge -4 ~ 131 ℉ (-20 ~ 55 ℃ )
Storage Temperature 23~95 ℉ (-5~35℃ )
Shipment voltage ≥25.6V
Case Material ABS+PC
Dimension (L x W x H) 522 x 240 x 218 mm
20.6 x 9.5 x 8.6
Approx. Weight 99.2 lbs (45 kg)
Charge retention and capacity recovery capability Standard charge the battery, and then put aside at room temperature for 28d or 55 ℃ for 7d, Charge retention rate≥90%, Recovery rate of charge≥90

24v 300ah lithium battery Features

Safe Use

Bilin lithium battery pack integrated built-in BMS/PCB to protect battery for safe use, no fire, no explosion.

Fast Charge

Unlike conventional lead acid battery, the lithium battery has no memory effect, allows a highly efficient charge anytime.

Long Cycle Life

Bilin lithium battery provide up to 10 times longer life than lead-acid battery, and they still provide 80% of rated capacity after 2,000 cycles.

Low Self Discharge

Lithium battery allow you to use 100% of their capacity, and with low self discharge <3% per month. So you will have more usable capacity to run application devices.

Powerful Energy

Bilin lithium battery utilize high quality and high discharge rate lithium battery cells that providing more energy and higher ampere for application.

Customize Service

Bilin battery voltage, capacity, current, size, etc all can be customized to meet specific application.


Bilin lithium battery are the ultimate clean energy, no toxic material, no pollution.


  • Electric vehicles, electric mobility
  • Solar/wind energy storage system
  • UPS, backup power
  • Telecommunication
  • Medical equipment
  • Lighting


(1) Please check if spare parts are completed when open the package and read the operation manual carefully.

(2) Do not make the battery Short Circuit,do not over charge and discharge.

(3) Please charge the new battery to full capacity before discharge for the first use.

(4) The battery pack is fixed with plate and strip before delivery, do not disassemble the plate and strip when using the battery.

(5) Checking the voltage of battery, normally it is 3.2V-3.3V.

(6) Fix BMS for battery pack and protect single cell to avoid over charge and over-discharge.

(7) Rivet or screw is used for battery connector.

(8) Please use copper part to connect battery packs and fix with hydraulic pressure plier. We could also provide the relevantconnection which fixed with screws.

(9) The charger used should be approved by our company in order to match with our lithium battery.

(10) It will shorten battery cycle lifetime and damage battery due to overcharge and over-discharge if not do according to the above . It won’t be within our company warranty.

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