48V Lithium Battery 200AH


The 48V Lithium-ion Battery 200AH offers high energy density, long lifespan, fast charging capability, and enhanced safety performance. Its applications span across electric vehicles, solar energy storage systems, and various industrial sectors. With ongoing developments and increasing demand, this advanced battery technology is poised for a bright future.

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The 48V 200Ah Lithium battery packed with True 200AH capacity, is perfect for the RV, semi truck, boat, or golf cart that is used a deep-cycle battery to power lights, inverters, motors, pumps, electronics, AC/heaters and more.The 48V 200AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Battery offers state of the art technology “Lithium Iron Phosphate” the safest and most robust lithium chemistry. This Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is capable of handling over 200 amps continuous charge or discharge and up to 2000 amps for starting / peak energy.

48V Lithium Battery 200AH Specifications:

Model  B-48200
Nominal Voltage  48V
Nominal capacity  200Ah
Dimensions (L*W*H)  529 x 483 x 222 mm.
Weight  80KG
Charging method  CC/CP
Charging current  0.2C standard/0.5C maximum continuous charging
Charge cut-off voltage  54,6 V
Discharge method  CC/CP
Discharge current  0.5C standard/0.75C maximum continuous discharge
Discharge cut-off voltage  42V
Display  LCD
Communication interface  485/232/CAN
Working temperature: charging 0-55℃, discharging: -20-60℃
Storage temperature 0-45℃ (best environment)
Storage humidity  5%-95%
Shipping status Voltage: 50-52V SOC: 60%-80%
Maximum number of parallel connections 16

Key Features of the 48V Lithium Battery 200AH

Partial State of Charge Tolerant

Partial state of charge, known as PSOC, which is a killer of lead-acid battery, does not affect performance or battery life of a lithium battery. Sometimes battery don’t get fully charged, or they regularly operate in a partial state of charge. Either way, you can count on RELiON lithium battery living a long and productive life.

Eco-Friendly & Safe

RELiON lithium battery are the ultimate clean energy. No gassing, no fumes, and no pollution. Enjoy reliable power, while protecting the environment, using these non-hazardous battery.

Highly Efficient

RELiON lithium battery have super low resistance, allowing you to charge much faster. And lithium battery are 99% efficient, minimizing the losses during charge. Compare  to that traditional lead-acid battery at 75-80% efficiency, our battery results in significant loss when recharging.

Fast Charging

RELiON lithium battery charge much faster than traditional lead-acid battery, and they’re packed with more usable energy and up to 10 times longer life so you’re always ready to go!

Maintenance Free

Plug, play, and charge. No watering, no corrosion.

More Usable Capacity

Lead-acid battery are typically sized up at two times when your energy needs to account for extended periods without sun and less usable energy with higher rates of discharge. Besides, you are typically cautioned to limit your use to 50% of the rated capacity, as using more can significantly reduce performance. Lithium battery provides 100% of its rated capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge. And, you can use it all and still get substantially longer cycle life.

Long Life

RELiON lithium battery provides up to 10 times longer life than lead-acid battery, and it still provides 80% of the rated capacity after 3,500 cycles.

Constant Power

Full power available throughout discharge. Voltage does not drop like lead-acid.

48V Lithium Battery 200AH Applications:

The versatility of the 48V Lithium-ion Battery 200AH makes it suitable for various applications, including:

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The automotive industry has embraced the potential of 48V battery systems. The 48V Lithium-ion Battery 200AH offers a reliable power source for electric vehicles, delivering efficient performance, longer range, and faster acceleration.

Solar Energy Storage Systems

With the increasing demand for renewable energy, solar energy storage systems rely on high-capacity battery to store excess energy for later use. The 48V Lithium-ion Battery 200AH is a perfect choice for such applications, providing a reliable and efficient energy storage solution.

Industrial Applications

Industrial equipment and energy storage systems often require high-capacity battery for uninterrupted operations. The 48V Lithium-ion Battery 200AH meets these requirements, ensuring stable power supply and facilitating smooth industrial processes.

48V Lithium-ion Battery 200AH Buying Guide

When selecting a 48V Lithium-ion Battery 200AH, consider the following factors:

  • Weight and Size: Evaluate the battery’s dimensions and weight to ensure compatibility with your application.
  • Brand Reputation: Choose reputable brands known for their quality and reliability.
  • Supplier Trustworthiness: Source the battery from trusted suppliers to guarantee genuine products and reliable customer support.

We recommend considering these factors before making a purchase to ensure the best fit for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a 48V 200Ah lithium battery last?

200Ah battery will last from anywhere below 1 hour (running 2000W devices) to over 200 hours (running 10W devices).

How many hours can 200Ah lithium battery last?

If you have a 200ah battery, it can supply 20 continuous amps for 10 hours or 10 amps for over 20 hours. The term voltage in a battery refers to the difference in electric potential between the positive and negative terminals of a battery. A greater difference in potential results in a greater voltage.

Is battery BMS included?

Yes. It contains advanced BMS and is very safe to use.

How to ensure the quality?

Always pre-production samples before mass production; always final inspection before shipment.

what volt should a 48v lithium ion battery be charged to

58.4 volts

48V LiFePO4 Battery Voltage Chart

48V is more popular for larger solar systems. They rarely make sense for small-scale projects. They are fully charged at 58.4 volts and fully discharged at 40 volts.

how many cells does a 48v lithium ion battery

16 cells

Lithium iron Phosphate battery (LiFePO4) has a nominal voltage of 48VDC. It is comprised by 16 cells of 3.2V each.

48v lithium battery maximum discharging temperature

Is there a maximum temperature for discharging my battery? The 48V Lithium-Ion Battery will disable both charge and discharge functions when the internal battery temperature exceeds 140°F (60°C) or falls below -4°F (-20°C).

48v lithium ion battery cutoff voltage

48V is more popular for larger solar systems. It rarely makes sense for small-scale projects. It is fully charged at 58.4 volts and fully discharged at 40 volts.

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