12V 300Ah Lithium ion Battery


  • Built-in 300A BMS: Protect from overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate.
  • Grade A LiFePO4 Cells: Highest-level safety based on UL Testing Certificate for the cell inside the battery, with higher energy density, more stable performance & greater power.
  • IP65 Protection Class: Made with quality ABS plastic, has a wide range of operating temp: Charge: 0°C to 50°C(32°F to 122°F); Discharge: -20°C to 60°C(-4°F to 140°F), IP65 level waterproof set you free from worrying to install indoors or outdoors.
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The 12V 300Ah lithium-ion battery is a high-capacity rechargeable battery that offers numerous advantages over traditional lead-acid battery. It is widely used in various applications due to its superior performance, longer lifespan, and lighter weight.LiFePO4 also allows for 100% discharge, whereas lead-acid can not be drained more than 50% without damaging the battery. If you buy a 300Ah lead-acid battery, you only get 150Ah usable Ah. 12v 300Ah LiFePO4 battery provide 100% of the available Amps, with no ill effects on the battery.

LiFePO4 offers 2500-7000 charge cycles depending on the depth-of-charge per cycle, while lead-acid is typically done after 200-300 charge cycles.The LiFePO4 12V 300 Ah battery is a drop-in replacement for lead-acid battery. These battery have a longer service life, lighter weight, more efficient power, and all-around versatility. Connect multiple battery in parallel to increase storage capacity.

12V 300Ah Lithium ion Battery Specification:

MODEL B-12300
Nominal voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 300Ah
Nominal energy 3840Wh
Life Cycles 4000+ (80% DoD for effectively lower total of ownership cost)
Recommended Charge Voltage 14.6V
Recommended Charge Current 20.0A
End of discharge voltage 10.0V
Standard method Charge 40.0A
Discharge 100.0A
Maximum continuous current Charge 200.0A
Discharge 200.0A
BMS Cut-Off Voltage Charge <15.6 V (3.9V/Cell)
Discharge >8.0 V (2s) (2.0V/Cell)
Temperature Charge -4 ~ 113 ℉ (0 ~ 45℃ )
Discharge -4 ~ 131 ℉ (-20 ~ 55 ℃ )
Storage Temperature 23~95 ℉ (-5~35℃ )
Shipment voltage ≥12.8V
Case Material ABS+PC
Dimension (L x W x H) 483 x 170 x 240 mm
19.0 x 6.7 x 9.4”
Approx. Weight 50.7 lbs (23 kg)
Charge retention and capacity recovery capability Standard charge the battery, and then put aside at room temperature for 28d or 55 ℃ for 7d, Charge retention rate≥90%, Recovery rate of charge≥90

12V 300Ah Lithium ion Battery Applications:

The 12V 300Ah lithium-ion battery finds applications in various industries and sectors, including:

This 12v300ah lithium iron phosphate battery’ application is mainly in RV, marine, golf, solar system, off-grid photovoltaic, and other applications. It can be a good substitute for lead and acid and bring new energy standards for your home, business, and industrial electricity.


  • Double the Capacity: Our 12V lithium battery features 92% round-trip efficiency and delivers twice the power of lead-acid battery.
  • Extended Lifespan: Our 12V lithium ion battery lasts up to 2,000 rounds, which is multiple times longer than lead-acid battery.
  • Quality BMS: Our high-quality BMS offers a max. continuous discharge current of 150A, optimizes every cell, and monitors the performance of the LiFePO4 battery.
  • Stay in Control: Keep track of your 12V rechargeable battery’s charge level and voltage anytime with the built-in volt meter.
  • Power Your Needs: With a 300A(≤5S) max. pulse discharge current, our LiFePO4 battery can power high-power appliances like pizza oven or hair dryer.
  • Quick Recharge: Our 12V lithium ion battery recharges much faster than traditional lead-acid battery due to its lower internal resistance.
  • Long Shelf Life: This Flykol LiFePO4 battery has a low self-discharge rate, which means it can be left unused for longer periods of time.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Our 12V rechargeable battery works great between -10℃ and 45℃, making it a reliable choice for wider temperature ranges.
  • Unleash Your Power Potential: Maximize appliance performance and get more done by connecting 2 battery in parallel or 4 in series.
  • Lightweight and Portable: At less than half the weight of equivalent lead-acid battery, our 12V lithium battery is easy to carry and transport.

12V 300Ah Lithium ion Battery Advantages:

High Energy Density

One of the primary advantages of the LiFePO4 battery technology is its high energy density, which means it can store more energy per unit volume or weight compared to traditional lead-acid battery. The 12V 300Ah battery has a capacity of 300Ah, which translates to 3840Wh of energy, allowing you to power your devices for extended periods without needing to recharge.

Long Cycle Life

Another benefit of the 12V 300Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery is its extended lifespan. While traditional lead-acid battery may last for 3-5 years on average, LiFePO4 battery can last up to 10 years or a recharge cycle rate of 4,000 times, depending on usage. This makes the battery a great long-term investment for those who require a reliable and durable power source.

Fast Charging and Discharging

The 12V 300Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery features a high charging and discharging rate, up to 4 times faster than lead-acid, to charge or discharge the battery quickly and efficiently. This useful in where solar is used for recharging and and during peak demand periods.

Lightweight and Compact Design

Compared to lead-acid battery of similar capacity, the 12V 300Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery is significantly lighter and more compact, making them easier to transport and install. The battery weighs only 60lbs, making it a great choice for portable power applications.

Battery Cells and BMS

The 12V 300Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery contains Prismatic cells with higher energy density, more stable performance, and greater power over lead-acid battery. The battery has a built-in 200A BMS to protect the LiFePO4 Battery from overcharge, over-discharge, over current, and short circuit.

Battery Management System (BMS) Overview:

A Battery Management System is an essential component of a lithium-ion battery pack. It ensures the safe and efficient operation of the battery by monitoring and controlling various parameters such as voltage, current, and temperature. The BMS also provides features like cell balancing, overcharge protection, and short-circuit prevention.

The 12V 300Ah lithium-ion battery offers high capacity, lightweight design, fast charging, and long cycle life, making it an excellent choice for various applications. With proper maintenance, a reliable battery management system, and built-in safety features, these battery provide efficient and safe energy storage solutions for different industries.

12V 300Ah lithium-ion battery performance

12V 300Ah lithium-ion battery performance12V 300Ah lithium-ion battery performance


Can I use a lithium-ion battery in parallel with another battery?

Parallel connections should only be made with identical battery and under proper supervision to avoid imbalances and potential damage.

What is the expected charging time for a 12V 300Ah lithium-ion battery?

Charging times can vary based on the charger’s specifications and the current charge level of the battery. Generally, it takes several hours to fully charge a 12V 300Ah battery.

Can I use a regular lead-acid battery charger for a lithium-ion battery?

No, lithium-ion battery require chargers specifically designed for them. Using a lead-acid battery charger can damage the lithium-ion battery or pose safety risks.

How many watts solar do I need to charge a 12V 300Ah battery?

It takes at least 8 x 100W solar panels to fully charge a 12V 300ah battery in 5 hours. If the battery is only 50% discharged, it will be ready in about 2.5 hours. Lithium deep cycle battery have a discharge rate of 85-100% and are more efficient.

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