12V 50Ah Deep Cycle Lithium Battery


  • 70% lighter than lead acid batteries & more compact
  • Great for trolling motors, RVs, floor sweepers, lift gates, UPS systems, solar energy storage, & more
  • Bluetooth technology allows battery status monitoring in real time
  • Advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS) with power terminal cut-off & recovery
  • Cell balancing & low voltage/over voltage protection
  • Connect up to four in series & unlimited in parallel
  • Energy efficient w/ 99% Depth Of Discharge (DOD)


12V 50Ah Lithium Battery – the perfect addition to any home or RV solar system. This battery is lighter, more compact, and fully compatible with our FlyKol charge controllers, making it an ideal choice for all your off-grid needs. Additionally, you can easily connect it to our Battery Monitor for real-time battery usage monitoring.

With twice the power, half the weight, and an impressive 8 times longer lifespan compared to sealed lead acid batteries, this lithium battery requires no maintenance. Not only is it extremely safe to use, but it also boasts very low toxicity, making it environmentally friendly. Our LiFePO4 battery lineup provides the perfect solution for demanding applications that call for a lighter weight, longer life, and higher capacity battery.

12V 50AH lithium battery technical parameters:

Technical Parameters
Battery Type LiFePO4 Battery
Nominal Capability 50Ah
Nominal Voltage 12V
Energy 600Wh
Absorb Charge Voltage 14.5V±0.1V
Float Charge Voltage 13.8±0.1V
Max Discharge Current 50A
Max Charge Current 50A
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
Warranty 5 years
Cycle Life ≥5000 times

Core Benefits:

  • Long-lasting: With an exceptional cycle life, the 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery is designed to outperform traditional lead-acid batteries, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment.
  • Lightweight: Significantly lighter than the conventional batteries, our Lithium Ion Battery is easy to install and transport without sacrificing any performance.
  • Easy-to-Maintain: Gone are the days of spending excessive time and effort in battery maintenance. The 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery is maintenance-free, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Unique Selling Points:

  • High-Performance: Boasting a higher energy density than traditional batteries, the 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery ensures you have optimal power output and unrivaled performance at your fingertips.
  • Environmental Friendly: Made with non-toxic materials, this battery is designed with sustainability in mind, reducing the environmental impact of energy storage.
  • Safety and Protection: Engineered with built-in safety features, such as overcharge and deep discharge protection, the 12V 50AH Lithium Ion Battery keeps your investment safe and well-protected.


Wish you had instant access to real-time data showing your batteries status? Our Ionic Blue Batteries app provides exactly that in your mobile device. Now, you have immediate access to all of your battery information like low voltage and high voltage status, and how much time is left on your charge, high and low temperature discharge and so much more.

Broad Application:

The 50AH lithium battery is Suitable for Golf Carts, Power wheels, Trolling motor, RV, Tool trailer, Caravan, Marine, Camper, Electric scooter, Backup power supply, Solar, off-grid, etc.


The Lithium 12V 50Ah Battery is ideal for deep cycle systems. All of our Ionic batteries feature an integrated microprocessor-controlled battery management system (BMS). Ever heard of a smart battery? This is it! Our advanced system monitors critical operating parameters such as voltage, current, & internal temperatures. Functions that are vital for safe charging and discharging.

12V lithium battery performance chart

12V lithium battery performance chart12V lithium battery performance chart

12V lithium battery performance chart12V lithium battery performance chart

Other important things to note:

  • The maximum charge current for our 12V 50Ah battery is 14.6V, with a 10.5 discharge cut-off voltage.
  • The max charge current is 50 amps and the max discharge is 50 amp /170 amps (3s).
  • Solar chargers can be used!
  • Most standard lead-acid chargers without a “Desulfate” mode can be used. (As long as the current levels do not exceed the lithium battery charge requirements).
  • Your 12V 50Ah battery can be completely charged with a standard lead-acid charger that achieves 14.4-14.6 volts.
  • Battery chargers with a voltage of fewer than 13.6 volts will only charge the battery to 50% capacity or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this battery be combined with a 12V lead acid battery bank?

We highly recommend NOT stringing lithium batteries to any lead acid batteries. Otherwise, the battery will be damaged. When wiring batteries, it’s recommended to connect batteries with the same type (lithium), same capacity (Ah), same voltage (V) from the same brand.

How should I handle the battery after it arrives?

When you receive your battery, please be aware that it may have a low State of Charge (SOC) due to the transportation and storage process. To ensure its optimal performance, we recommend charging the battery right away to avoid over-discharge. If you plan to store the battery for an extended period without usage, we suggest charging it to a SOC of 30% to 50% and performing maintenance every three months. These steps will help maintain its functionality and performance over time.

How long will a 50Ah lithium battery last?

roughly 10 years

On average, our 12V 50Ah battery lasts a whopping 3,000 to 5,000 cycles. This equates to roughly 10 years of battery use. Cycles are the number of times your battery is fully charged and then discharged. Most lead acid batteries have a usable capacity of 50-60%, meaning you have to charge them much more frequently.

What is the difference between a 50Ah and a 100Ah battery?

The only difference between using a 50Ah and a 100Ah battery is the amount of time that it will take to charge and how long you can run things. The power will last twice as long before you need to charge but then it will take twice as long to charge.

How long does it take to charge a 50Ah lithium battery?

How long does it take to charge a 50ah lithium battery? In a real sense, charging takes 2-5 hours at 0.2-0.5C per minute.

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